Survive in Russia! Learn Russian!

Are you going to Russia soon?

“Privet” and “Kak dila?” are the only phrases you can say in Russian?

You don’t want to learn all those numerous grammar rules but want to communicate with Russian people and make new friends?


This course is for YOU!

The course is created for a month and consists of 20 lessons.

Every two days you will receive a Video Lesson supported with a PDF File.

* Each lesson is a new topic.

* Simple and clear phrases that you can use daily.

* Additional vocabulary for each topic.


Course Topics


Ordering food in a cafe / Menu

Reservations / Payment methods



Numbers / Time / Days of the week


After this course, you can safely visit Russia and make new friends!

This is a complete online course.

Upon completion of the course you will be able to survive in Russia! You will be able to express your needs/wishes and understand Russians in real life situation. Only imagine, you arrive in Moscow and you can communicate in Russian right away at the airport.

Participation options:f095e37b59cea4bd1fd4dc3333b3447e.jpg

Package 1: Video lessons and PDF documents for $ 19.99

Package 2: Package 1 + 24/7 support through WhatsApp for $ 29.99

Package 3: Package 1 + 2 + A 30min. Skype Lesson once a week for $ 49.99

SIGN UP for the course! Write “I want to survive in Russia” and we will contact you ASAP.

WIN the course by posting a creative story that shows why you need this course. Don’t forget to tag us @russian_stories and put a hashtag #surviveinrussia

Good luck and see you at the course!

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