eating raw foods

This woman is absolutely gorgeous. To tell the truth, I have never heard anything about Sunny Griffin till watching this video. She looks just amazing and so fresh in her 70. Of course, I would like to look same after 40 years.

The first point I’d like to make is that she is very active and full of energy. That’s the most impressive thing for me. Her well-spoken and inspiring interview strongly motivates. Actually after watching this video a few times I decided to reconsider my diet in detail and add as much raw foods as possible to daily menu. Also I would like to read books which Sunny Griffin mentioned in her interview – Conscious Eating and China Story.

Regarding raw foods consumption I do not have a definite opinion on this matter. First of all, I am not an expert in this area, but in my opinion I think that raw foods diet is not suitable for all people. Every person is unique with their own features.

One more important point is a country where you live. Let me explain. In order to consume a good quality raw foods in Russia, for example, you should buy seasonal fruits, berries and vegetables, so you can do this only a few months a year. Unfortunately, consuming organic foods annually is very expensive in our country because almost all these products are imported. Also you should know places where you can buy raw foods of good quality. Otherwise, eating raw foods could be even harmful for your health.

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